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History and Archaeology

Campania Illa felix (happy or lucky) is the name that Pliny the Elder gave to this territory which is rich in natural beauty and, at the time, amazed men and emperors. Centuries later, this land still offers history and traditions that leave you speechless: visit the Doria castle in Angri a few steps from Palazzo Della Mura or the villa of Oplonti of Pompei, and many other archaeological sites easy to reach from our building.

Culture and Religion

Perhaps not everyone knows that the historic center of Naples was recognized in 1995 as a World Heritage Sites, being a place of exceptional value that has 350 churches hidden among the picturesque and colorful streets of one of the oldest cities in Europe. Palazzo Della Mura takes you to the discovery of the contemporary urban structure that preserves the elements of its rich history.

Boat tours and Diving

Campania is famous for Vesuvius, the sun and… the sea. Our building takes you to the discovery of the Gulf of Naples in exciting boat tours, mini cruises and more… For those who want to dare and make new and unique experiences, we have organized for you diving and fishing packages. Come and discover them!

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